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About Julep

I love flowers... the way they look, smell, how they gracefully stand in a vase and most importantly, how they make me feel... happy. I relish that something so simple and organic can bring so much joy... but I suppose that sentiment holds true for all pleasures in life.

Growing up with two parents who were blessed with green thumbs, flowers have always been a part my life. Their weekends were dedicated to the garden and I was their helper. There was always garden work to be done, whether it was pulling weeds or harvesting berries. Without even knowing it at the time, I inherited their green thumb. Looking back, I realize how privileged I am to have those experiences in my childhood and embrace every memory of it.

Before I began working with flowers professionally, I was employed by renowned interior designer, Michael S. Smith, for approximately six years. His florist for all the client installations and photo shoots was Darcey Gellar, whom I got to know very well. One day she came to the office to do her weekly arrangements and it hit me I wanted to do that.

About three months later, I was working with Darcey. Within a few short years, I absorbed her business as Darcey endeavoured to become a full-time mother to her newborn. And just like that, I became the owner of Julep Custom Floral. While luck may play a role, I feel everything happens for a reason. My goals became clear as I realized that sharing the beauty of flowers is my calling, mission and passion.

Whether its a private party or a weekly refresh, I want to help create and collaborate my design philosophy with your vision to create the perfect piece and have the lasting memories of flowers the same way their beauty has touched me.

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